Potential Market

An agent just asked me what the potential market for my book was. I gave a short answer. Now I wish I gave a longer one, so, here it is:

The potential market for this book, Reaping Independence, even comparable titles for this book, are varied, of course. As I mentioned in the query, Fans of Chuck Wendig’s “Wanderers”, Analee Newitz’s “Autonomous” and John Scalzi’s “Head On” as well as admirers of David Mitchell’s storytelling and William Gibson’s technology would find something to admire.

This book (Reaping Independence) has a quest at its heart with [protagonist] chasing understanding and strength within herself. As the story begins to hum, there is also some of the teamwork and humor of an Agents of SHIELD as if they are the Avengers as they take on HAL 9000.

My influences run the spectrum from the humanity of Ann Patchett, and an interlocking underground of “The Overstory”. There’s the thrilling, short chapters of a James Patterson, maybe the blend of science and story of Michael Crichton. The inhuman power of Skink and Carl Hiassen’s deep belief and inherent distrust of the system while questioning that society with Marlon James. The draw of the wildness of Randy Wayne White with the weirdness of Jeff Van der Meer. The joy and horror of Karen Russel while glowing in the support of Rick Riordan.

So, what’s the market?

The market includes readers who love thrillers and humor, character growth and car chases like S.A. Cosby. Readers who love to be entertained and surprised. Shocked by Stephen King or Stephen Graham Jones. Cajoled and caressed by Elmore Leonard, knocked over the head by Raymond Carver. Readers who want the unexpected presented in a new world with free flowing imagination and where anything is possible. Ready Player One, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, American Gods. Heroes, Bad Guys – each with a little more gray in the middle.

Readers who love books like “The Shadow of the Wind” and love the library as much as Borges. Readers who love the poetry and lyricism of Italo Calvino banged straight against the declarative sentences of Ernest Hemingway. The coy humor of Flannery O’Connor and the clever realized illumination of Alice Munro. The blend of this world and the other by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Ray Bradbury’s wonder.

The market is every English reading, myth loving, story devouring person in the world.

The market of readers who enjoy speculative fiction that entertains and, once we wake it up, the book turns the pages for them.

Adult, Sci-Fi, Spec, Fantasy.

The market is me with the story I wanted to see exist that can still make me, after countless readings, still laugh, cry and ride to the end.

Right this minute, the market is you.

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