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Own the popular book about friendship, hacking and power with a personalized inscription.

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Own an author signed copy of REAPING INDEPENDENCE in paperback.

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“A hell of a ride! You better buckle up…” – Mott Man (Amazon Review)

“A major page turner.” – Verified Amazon Customer

On a quest to save Los Angeles, a young hacker discovers she has more power than she imagined.

As Kwynn ventures to solve the mysterious source for the blackouts spreading like wildfire, she finds what she has been missing: a place to belong. And it isn’t what she ever expected.

Reaping Independence is a braided story of heroes fighting to protect all that is important to them. Their worlds. Their families. Themselves.

If you love the storytelling of Neil Gaiman or the imaginative tech exploration of William Gibson, this is a tale for you!

Quest with a traveler, a warrior and a watcher as they run from ‘droids, expose secrets, escape riots, and protect our independence.

Los Angeles may never be the same.

“A nonstop trip of twists and turns. Part cyberpunk, part Coen Brothers.” – An enamored beta reader

“Just when you think the book jumps the shark it circles back around and kicks the shit out of the shark, and you’ll love every crazy ass bit of it.”– Mott Man (Amazon Review)

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