Reaping Independence

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What’s the Story?

On the verge of capture and jail, Kwynn, an orphaned hacker, must discover the source of mysterious cyber-attacks on Los Angeles. But when Kwynn discovers she’s the heir apparent to some kind of worldwide cabal of magic do-gooders, she must learn to forgive her father and trust others, or the fate of the West will fall under the control of rogue AI.

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“A nonstop trip of twists and turns. Part cyberpunk, part Coen Brothers.”

An enamored reader

Rock this one if your bookshelves (real & virtual) hold Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers, Annalee Newitz’s Autonomous and John Scalzi’s Head On.

It has the tech of William Gibson and genre-bends like David Mitchell.

“This story’s got everything but the kitchen sink in all the right ways!”

what this dude who read it said

  • .the_bridge

    The last episode finished with the match and takes Kwynn… ( #StrikeTheMatch #gusto #BookTwitter #amreading #writingcommmunity #ReapingIndependence #KindleVella ) …to a confrontation on a bridge in #Venice… ( #BookTwitter #amreading #writingcommmunity #ReapingIndependence #KindleVella ) …And Glen’s a little frustrated so this thing simply makes matters worse. ( #HiHo #BookTwitter #amreading #writingcommmunity #ReapingIndependence #KindleVella ) … Continue reading “.the_bridge”

  • The Stairs

    Kwynn finds herself on a very different set of strange stairs in today’s episode. As you know, she’s been hacking where she shouldn’t. Where to start? Start anywhere but read the first 3 free. Come read as Kwynn, a badass orphaned hacker, joins a motley crew to save #LosAngeles from mysterious terrorists. #ITHASBEGUN #cyberpunk #BookTwitter … Continue reading “The Stairs”

  • A Cyberpunk Day

    Imagine waking up like this!? It happened to someone in Reaping Independence and I want you to read it! #books #SaturdayReads Start today! Wherever you want. With today’s episode or the beginning! (Also, where it’s free) one reader told me: I had to just keep reading to find out what happens because I can never … Continue reading “A Cyberpunk Day”

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