Reaping Independence

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What’s the Story?

Reaping Independence is an adult techno-thriller about power and its many forms.

When Kwynn, a recent college grad, reveals herself through an ingenious hack, she escapes to Los Angeles and must discovers the cause of rolling blackouts or her film shoot job is kaput.

At the same time, electrical transformer attacks mean it is power-company-guy Glen’s responsibility and he’ll find the culprit or the entire Southern California grid will collapse.

And, Murray? He’s just a P.I. trying to make rent. If he can avoid a pair of motivated ‘droids, he won’t suffer at the wrong end of a taser.

Our three heroes have no idea what awaits them, but, by the end of this braided story, they’ll put the genie back in the bottle or the West will be subject to a whole new power structure.

You might love this story if your real & virtual bookshelves rock Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers, Annalee Newitz’s Autonomous and John Scalzi’s Head On. While it hearkens back to the technology of William Gibson or Michael Crichton, it revels in the genre-bending of David Mitchell.

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