California Hustle

Your Paper Quest Book Subscription pick for March 2024


Grigsby adores The Con. There’s nothing better than a good hustle. The ins and outs. The improvisation. Ask any athlete. Eventually, you get too old. Reflexes slow. Agility diminishes. Decision-making decays.

So, after a string of bad luck, Grigsby’s afraid he’s aged out of the only thing that matters: the game.

But when his massive debts come due and his college age kids become collateral, Grigsby must learn a new trick and score in the biggest scam of his life: Going mostly legit with an extraordinary mix of film festival, pop-up start-up and the seat of his pants.

California Hustle is a high stakes con, a stunning Southern California beach read filled with exquisite playas, astonishing twists and a set of criminals you can’t help but love.