Your Paper Quest – Book Inclusion & Interview

Title Card for Your Paper Quest Interview of Jeffrey Messineo about California Hustle

Did you enjoy California Hustle and maybe you’d like to hear me talk about the book and my process?

Luckily for you, here’s a fun video conversation below about just those very things!

I, also, answered a few questions from Your Paper Quest, here.

When Ryan and Steve reached out to tell me California Hustle was chosen and they found it “Gripping”, well, I was excited. It’s an honor to have a book picked to be a member of a book subscription and one that focuses on indie books, no less. They have a unique thing going there, so, please, take a peek and join if you are of a mind. You won’t be disappointed. The books are top notch.

With no futher adieu, here’s the vid.

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