The Quotidian Worry Club

If you’re into Substack, you can follow along there, too: https://jeffreymessineo.substack.com/

Worry didn’t start as a type of stress. The root meaning had more to do with working something over and over again, like a dog worries a bone. Or a writer worries a story. Daily.

If we apply effort consistently, eventually we reach our milestones then our final destination. Three hundred words a day will get you a book at the end of the year, as they say.

There are several prongs to this thing.

I am going to experiment with transparency. If you come along with me, you’ll see quantitatively where my numbers are. Followers on social media, newsletter subscribers, books sold. I’ll talk about my different approaches and we’ll see what I think might work and what really does. Learn along with me, kids.

Also, I am experimenting with different ways to complete the story telling journey. Reaping Independence will be serialized here and on my Substack. If you don’t want to wait, the entire story will available on Amazon soon. We’ll see if anyone is interested in Kwynn and her adventures.

My working title California Hustle, a crime suspense, is out in the query trenches. I will keep you up to date on what goes out and who gets back. I’ll also let you know what changes I make along the way.

I’m also working on my next one, a detective story, and may share some research thoughts and ideas as I take my quotidian approach to writing this bad boy. I’ll also explore different aspects of craft and essays, books and stories that are influencing my approach. My other two books were as different as siblings and I found my thought process and effort had to change for each. Maybe my stuff will help your stuff.

Much of this will manifest here. Some of this will happen in the social sphere and, hopefully, you’ll get a chance to learn from all my inevitable mistakes with an occasional bit of inspiration and a chuckle.

I don’t know what I’m doing but I hope you’ll do it with me.