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  • Heat Wave

    We are facing a heatwave in California. It’s hot. This one is historic but we face these weather events most summers. These events got me thinking… …what if someone wanted to take advantage of a weakened populace. A weakened grid. The system on the edge of collapse. What and how would they do it? … Continue reading “Heat Wave”

  • Do It!

    On the verge of capture, Kwynn, an orphaned hacker, must discover the source of mysterious cyber-attacks on Los Angeles. But when she discovers she’s the heir apparent to some kind of worldwide cabal of magic do-gooders, Kwynn must learn to forgive her father and trust others, or the fate of the West will fall under … Continue reading “Do It!”

  • He Who Pulls the Strings is Master

    Building | He Who Pulls the Strings is Master | Invitation: Episode 27 dropped today: The last Invitation section’s got a needle drop for all you fans of the Dead Kennedys. And another needle drop: Murray’s got himself some Infectious Grooves Reaping Independence is here for your #cyberpunk needs + #scifi + #fantasy + #thrills … Continue reading “He Who Pulls the Strings is Master”