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  • Visit Venice – R.I. Story Places

    The scenes that drop today: they are some of my favorites. Kwynn sees some stuff she’s never seen before and we meet a new character. (And, this character, you gotta meet him to know. We’ll see more of him one way or the other.) Thanks to all who are reading. If you haven’t started, the … Continue reading “Visit Venice – R.I. Story Places”

  • Ukraine Electrical Grid

    Episode 9 of Reaping Independence drops today! In one of the chapters a computer is taken over while they are working on it at the Power Center. It’s chilling to imagine the grid taken over by terrorists but in this video that’s exactly what happened in Ukraine on December 23, 2015. This situation, and others … Continue reading “Ukraine Electrical Grid”

  • Art in my mind

    Someone asked me about an artist mentioned in Episode 3 of Reaping Independence: Who is Noah Purifoy and was he really an artist? Yes, he was an accomplished artist that made a difference. The artworks mentioned exist. Here’s a look at them: His legacy lives on. You can read about him, the outdoor museum and … Continue reading “Art in my mind”