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  • My Experiment

    My Experiment

    Writing itself is an experiment and I’m coming at it from three different vantage points at the moment.

  • California Hustle Release!

    California Hustle Release!

    I rolled out California Hustle on August 1 and the response has been terrific! It is incredibly gratifying to hear from readers about how they love the twists, the characters and the ending of this caper. What’s all it about? “A gripping tale.” “Entertaining and Hilarious!” California Hustle is a high stakes con, a stunning…

  • Why Indie?

    Why Indie?

    It starts with a story. It always starts with a story! Last night I was communicating with a bookstore about where they can get my book. They wanted to stock it on their shelves and on their website. At the same time, right next to that email, I received an answer to an agent’s full…