California Hustle Release!

I rolled out California Hustle on August 1 and the response has been terrific!

It is incredibly gratifying to hear from readers about how they love the twists, the characters and the ending of this caper.

What’s all it about?

“A gripping tale.” “Entertaining and Hilarious!”

California Hustle is a high stakes con, a stunning Southern California beach read filled with exquisite playas, astonishing twists and a set of criminals you can’t help but love.

Grigsby adores The Con. There’s nothing better than a good hustle. The ins and outs. The improvisation. Ask any athlete. Eventually, you get too old. Reflexes slow. Agility diminishes. Decision-making decays.

So, after a string of bad luck, Grigsby’s afraid he’s aged out of the only thing that matters: the game.

But when his massive debts come due and his college age kids become collateral, Grigsby must learn a new trick and score in the biggest scam of his life: Going mostly legit with an extraordinary mix of film festival, pop-up start-up and the seat of his pants.

CALIFORNIA HUSTLE is a fun ride.

If you”re in the mood for a ride, do it here: https://amzn.to/3qqtDRm

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