Heat Wave

We are facing a heatwave in California. It’s hot. This one is historic but we face these weather events most summers. These events got me thinking…


…what if someone wanted to take advantage of a weakened populace. A weakened grid. The system on the edge of collapse. What and how would they do it? In fact, who would do something so inhuman? In fact, I learned more about the grid and its weaknesses.

A technothriller was born. But I couldn’t tell a strictly technical tale. I wanted to tell a story with humor and imagination, with creatures, cultures and characters we could learn about together. #ReapingIndependence is the culmination of that exploration.

Really, there are a lot of ideasbehind this rolling quest to discover who was behind a vast manipulation of an entire populice. This part of the quest comes to a conclusion this week. I’m proud of all who have come along. I’d love to have more join – because Saturday concludes…

Episode-arama! I don’t know what else to say. If you like fabulist techothrillers with some heart and humor, you’ll like this story. Give it a ride – befriend a new group of misfits! #ithasbegun #cyberpunk #KindleVella #writerscommunity

Do It!

On the verge of capture, Kwynn, an orphaned hacker, must discover the source of mysterious cyber-attacks on Los Angeles.

But when she discovers she’s the heir apparent to some kind of worldwide cabal of magic do-gooders, Kwynn must learn to forgive her father and trust others, or the fate of the West will fall under the control of rogue AI.

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He Who Pulls the Strings is Master

Building | He Who Pulls the Strings is Master | Invitation: Episode 27 dropped today: The last Invitation section’s got a needle drop for all you fans of the Dead Kennedys.

And another needle drop: Murray’s got himself some Infectious Grooves

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The last episode finished with the match and takes Kwynn…

( #StrikeTheMatch #gusto #BookTwitter #amreading #writingcommmunity #ReapingIndependence #KindleVella )

Strike the Match

to a confrontation on a bridge in #Venice

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The Venice Canals

And Glen’s a little frustrated so this thing simply makes matters worse.

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Hi Ho!

Come read as Kwynn, a badass orphaned hacker, joins a motley crew to save #LosAngeles from mysterious terrorists.

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#BookTwitter #amreading #writingcommmunity #ReapingIndependence #KindleVella

The Stairs

Kwynn finds herself on a very different set of strange stairs in today’s episode. As you know, she’s been hacking where she shouldn’t.

Where to start? Start anywhere but read the first 3 free.

Come read as Kwynn, a badass orphaned hacker, joins a motley crew to save #LosAngeles from mysterious terrorists.

#ITHASBEGUN #cyberpunk #BookTwitter #amreading #writingcommmunity #ReapingIndependence #KindleVella

A Cyberpunk Day

Imagine waking up like this!? It happened to someone in Reaping Independence and I want you to read it! #books #SaturdayReads

a cyborg selfie
a cyborg selfie

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Fire Season

A new episode – another problem. Dirty hack. Clean hack. Fire fallout.

Spend a little time, read something new.

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Also, as fire season looms, it’s important for us to not only prepare but reflect on the natural and manmade instigators of our ever growing ‘tradition’. More than our man Glen suffers from the effects of wildfires.


Visit Venice – R.I. Story Places

The scenes that drop today: they are some of my favorites. Kwynn sees some stuff she’s never seen before and we meet a new character. (And, this character, you gotta meet him to know. We’ll see more of him one way or the other.)

Thanks to all who are reading. If you haven’t started, the story is there waiting for you anytime.

So far: Kwynn is in jeopardy after she hacked a place she wasn’t supposed to. Nobody knows why, but someone or something is sabotaging the grid and she’s to blame. In her quest to discover what’s been hiding in plain sight she, and Los Angeles, will never be the same.

We’ve also met Glen fighting to save the grid and his family.

Plus, Murray, the wayward PI, he can’t help but continue to get himself in trouble.

Today’s scenes have the California summer vibe where we

Visit Venice Beach http://www.visitveniceca.com/

And something goes down at Santa Monica Pier https://www.santamonicapier.org/

Come read! The first three are free – or you can jump in anytime, anywhere. These scenes especially. Some amazing things are starting to roll.

Ukraine Electrical Grid

Episode 9 of Reaping Independence drops today! In one of the chapters a computer is taken over while they are working on it at the Power Center. It’s chilling to imagine the grid taken over by terrorists but in this video that’s exactly what happened in Ukraine on December 23, 2015.

This situation, and others like it, are part of what inspired some of the events in Reaping Independence.

But, I promise, it’s a bit of a ride and, as of yet, the two were not caused by the same bad actors.

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