Heat Wave

We are facing a heatwave in California. It’s hot. This one is historic but we face these weather events most summers. These events got me thinking…


…what if someone wanted to take advantage of a weakened populace. A weakened grid. The system on the edge of collapse. What and how would they do it? In fact, who would do something so inhuman? In fact, I learned more about the grid and its weaknesses.

A technothriller was born. But I couldn’t tell a strictly technical tale. I wanted to tell a story with humor and imagination, with creatures, cultures and characters we could learn about together. #ReapingIndependence is the culmination of that exploration.

Really, there are a lot of ideas behind this rolling quest to discover who was behind a vast manipulation of an entire populace. This part of the quest comes to a conclusion this week. I’m proud of all who have come along. I’d love to have more join – because Saturday concludes…

Episode-arama! I don’t know what else to say. If you like fabulist techothrillers with some heart and humor, you’ll like this story. Give it a ride – befriend a new group of misfits! #ithasbegun #cyberpunk #KindleVella #writerscommunity

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