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The scenes that drop today: they are some of my favorites. Kwynn sees some stuff she’s never seen before and we meet a new character. (And, this character, you gotta meet him to know. We’ll see more of him one way or the other.)

Thanks to all who are reading. If you haven’t started, the story is there waiting for you anytime.

So far: Kwynn is in jeopardy after she hacked a place she wasn’t supposed to. Nobody knows why, but someone or something is sabotaging the grid and she’s to blame. In her quest to discover what’s been hiding in plain sight she, and Los Angeles, will never be the same.

We’ve also met Glen fighting to save the grid and his family.

Plus, Murray, the wayward PI, he can’t help but continue to get himself in trouble.

Today’s scenes have the California summer vibe where we

Visit Venice Beach http://www.visitveniceca.com/

And something goes down at Santa Monica Pier https://www.santamonicapier.org/

Come read! The first three are free – or you can jump in anytime, anywhere. These scenes especially. Some amazing things are starting to roll.

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